We’re excited to introduce you to one of the partners in the HEI4Future project: the University College of Northern Denmark (UCN).

UCN is a Danish institution of higher education with a strong focus on health care, education, business, and technology. In addition to providing high-quality education and training, UCN is committed to research and development projects that generate knowledge and promote positive change in their region and sectors.

In HEI4Future, UCN is contributing their expertise to two key Work Packages. Their role in co-designing training concepts will be critical to the success of the project. With their experience in health care and technology, UCN will also help develop training programs that equip teachers and staff with the entrepreneurial skills they need to succeed in the evolving job market.

Additionally, UCN will collaborate with other partners to create a virtual network of experts and businesses, connecting key players in the project’s focus areas of urban mobility, health, and manufacturing.

We’re thrilled to have UCN as a partner in HEI4Future, and we look forward to the positive impact their contributions will have on the project and beyond.

Check out the video to learn more about them and their involvement in the project.