We are proud to introduce Universidade de Vigo, more specificly the Knowledge Organization Group, one of the key partners in the HEI4Future project. As a Spanish public academic institution located in the south of Galicia, the University is committed to providing high-quality higher education services and promoting research that benefits society.

In the HEI4Future project, Universidade de Vigo is responsible for two critical work packages. First, they lead the coordination and management of the project, ensuring that all partners are working together effectively and efficiently to achieve the project’s goals. Second, they lead the communication and dissemination work package, which focuses on sharing the project’s outcomes and best practices with stakeholders across the higher education sector.

We invite you to watch their presentation video to learn more about the University and their role in the HEI4Future project. We are proud to work alongside such a talented and dedicated partner, and we look forward to sharing more about their contributions as the project progresses.

Thank you for your commitment and your leadership in coordinating and communicating our collective efforts to shape the future of higher education institutions.