As part of our HEI4Future project, we are proud to partner with PowerHub, a leading research and development organization focused on mobility, energy, and IT from the Czech Republic.

One of the key areas that Power Hub is focused on is the promotion of innovation and business creation. As part of our project, they are responsible for Work Package 7, which aims to support universities in this regard. Specifically, they are working to provide guidance to universities on how to make their processes more aligned with industry expectations, as well as helping to identify new opportunities for innovation and collaboration.

With their deep expertise and focus, Power Hub is well-positioned to help universities stay at the forefront of technological innovation. By partnering with Power Hub, we hope to leverage their expertise and resources to make the most of these opportunities.

Ultimately, the HEI4Future project is about promoting collaboration and innovation across a range of disciplines and fields. With the help of partners like Power Hub, we believe we can create real, positive change that will benefit individuals and communities across the globe.

We encourage you to watch Power Hub’s video introduction to learn more about their work and the impact they’re making in the project.