The #HEI4Future project is delighted to share highlights from our recent two-day consortium meeting in the enchanting city of Prague.

🗣 Day 1 Recap: Productive Discussions and Collaborative Planning

Our first day was marked by vibrant discussions and collaborative planning for the future. A warm welcome from @Powerhub set the tone for a day filled with fruitful exchanges. Work Package (WP) leaders provided valuable insights into the achievements of Phase IIA, showcasing progress in various facets of the project.

The day wasn’t all about work; it also featured moments of connection and networking during breaks and the evening program, concluding with a delightful dinner. 🍽

💡 Day 2 Update: Strategy Workshop and Phase 2B Planning

Day 2 was even more exciting, starting with a recap of the previous day’s accomplishments and goal-setting for today. The morning kicked off with a dynamic strategy workshop 🛠️ aimed at planning joint activities beyond the current project.

By leveraging the expected outcomes of the project and the strengths of our partners, we identified activities to continue, pause, and enhance. The day continued with a deep dive into Phase 2B activity planning, outlining crucial next steps for the project’s success. The meeting concluded with key insights 🔍 and a sneak peek into the exciting developments awaiting us in the near future.

🙌 Heartfelt Thanks to Our Amazing Partners

Working with our incredible partners is always a pleasure, and we extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone for their dedication and active participation. The success of the #HEI4Future project wouldn’t be possible without your commitment.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to collaborate, innovate, and make strides towards a future of excellence in higher education. 🌟